Success Stories

“In the end, we are our choices. Build yourself a great story.” – Jeff Bezos

There are many ways to measure success of WorldSkills experience. Achievement can mean completing a difficult project, learning something new, wanting to do more training, or gaining greater confidence.

WorldSkills New Zealand has many success stories about competitors. Some have landed dream jobs here or overseas. Others have gained confidence and contacts to launch successful businesses. Some continue to learn, exceed their initial goals and discover a clear idea of what they want in the future.

"WorldSkills is the ultimate test - against yourself, your skills, and others in the industry. WorldSkills has given me the confidence to know I can make the next step.”

Past competitor, automotive technology, Kelvin Port

"WorldSkills enables trainees to benchmark skills with other trainees in a competitive environment.”

Ex NZ Furniture ITO executive director Alister Murray

"My employer was willing to help and give me new opportunities - my other friends from WorldSkills have had significant job offers on the basis of showing the initiative to compete and having proven their ability.”

National competitor, IT, Rochelle Eaton

"WorldSkills is a measure of how we are performing against other companies and provides a major boost in the competence and confidence of our participating employees. This also yields a massive gain to the company through improved teamwork and employees developing way above the norm."

Employer, Malcolm Bishop