Regional Competitions FAQs

Regional Competitions

Competition Rules

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What can I expect when competing?
  • An eight-hour challenge – you will be asked to complete a practical project in this time frame.
  • You will receive support prior to competing
  • You will compete against others at your regional competition at the same time
  • Full instructions will be provided including what to bring closer to the competition date.
What will I get out of it?
  • The opportunity to test and compare yourself against your peers.
  • You will receive a detailed report on your results, where you did well and areas for improvement. Also, overall placing, showing highest score, lowest score and where your score ranks – all anonymous
  • Demonstrate your initiative and drive to your employer to succeed in your industry
  • A great point of difference for your CV
  • The opportunity to learn new skills and meet new people in your industry
  • A participation certificate
  • You will receive a professional development opportunity as part of entering
  • If you a highly placed then more opportunities will become available; such as increased recognition, learning opportunities, reward and perhaps international travel.
Why would I want to compete?
  • To try something new and exciting
  • See how you compare against others in your skill
  • Challenge yourself under pressure
  • For the opportunity to be considered for the New Zealand team (should New Zealand field one)
  • Get noticed at work, you may want to use the external feedback about your skills and abilities at your next performance review.
How does the competition work?
At the competition you will be provided with a work area identical to that of your fellow competitors. You will all have the same conditions, materials, and instructions. You will be given a competition project to complete over eight hours. You will be given a list of what you need to bring.
What if I win?
You may be invited to the WorldSkills New Zealand National Finals. The potential to be famous in your district through press publicity!
Am I eligible to enter?
WorldSkills New Zealand run regional competitions are open to people of all ages who are training in the skill category, or training towards a career directly related to the skill category being entered.

Industry-run competitions have their own eligibility criteria. Please check their rules.

My Skill category isn't running local event?
If a Skill category is not being run in your region you can compete in any region. Select the region you would like to enter in when you register.
What if I have previously competed?
Past regional and national competitors may enter again so long as they meet the criteria; are in industry training or recently completed. This includes past National winners, although not those who have already represented New Zealand in the WorldSkills International competition.
Other important information
Endorsement to compete from a competitor’s employer is encouraged but not compulsory.
You must agree to abide by the rules of competition.
Okay, I'm ready to enter a WorldSkills New Zealand regional competition, what now?

1. Read the 2023 WorldSkills New Zealand regional competition rules
2. Discuss competing with your employer
3. Contact your Regional Coordinator if would like further information
4. Complete the online application form or scan and email one to us.

Note: Any application found to contain false information will be disqualified.

How do I gain entry to the WorldSkills New Zealand National Finals?

For entry to the WorldSkills New Zealand 2023 National Finals you must have competed in a 2023 WorldSkills New Zealand competition.
WorldSkills New Zealand has the right to accept or decline written nominations for additional competitors in each category.

I'm aiming for the WorldSkills International Competition
Should New Zealand field a team, you will be advised if you have successfully gained entry to the International WorldSkills team after the WorldSkills New Zealand National Finals.

Note: There is no guarantee that national winners will attend the international WorldSkills competition.

What can I expect at a WorldSkills International competition?
  • You will meet some great people and make lifelong friends through the international team environment you will train and compete in.
  • There will be some additional training required. Our mentors and trainers will help you with this.
  • Past WorldSkills competitors typically say, ‘this is an awesome experience’ and urge others to do it.
  • The International competition generally runs for four days. Your team members and mentors are all there to support you.
Benefits for those involved in Competitions


  • Gain increased self-confidence and practical skills from their participation
  • Have tangible evidence of their workplace abilities
  • Through additional training opportunities, they learn to set goals and excel in other facets of their lives
  • Learn to work under pressures of time, quality of product and performance.


  • Improved motivation and increased productivity within companies
  • Assurance that the skills of New Zealand’s workforce are linked to a benchmark of high standards
  • Sponsorship may stimulate media interest and help achieve marketing objectives.
  • Competitions provide the opportunity for competitors to bring back new skills and efficiencies into the workplace.

New Zealand

  • Youth are motivated to acquire workplace skills by WorldSkills New Zealand highlighting the career opportunities
  • Increased awareness of vocational skills especially in high schools and colleges from WorldSkills New Zealand’s work to improve perceptions of skills as a first-choice career option.
  • International competitions provide evidence of the quality of New Zealand’s products and services and thereby assist the country’s exporters and the National economy.