The House of Lebowski

It’s your captain speaking…

6 April 2022

WorldSkills New Zealand is thrilled to announce the WorldSkills NZ 2022 Electrical Interschool Competition and Electrical Industry Showcase.

This exciting new vocational event for school students is a team-based electrical competition where school students interested in a career in the electrical industry can compete against others in their region.

Worldskills New Zealand House of LebowskiThe theme for the competition is “The House of Lebowski”. Schools in Hamilton, Napier, Timaru, Christchurch, Dunedin and Invercargill, are all invited to send Year 11-13 students to a day-long competition to refit Lebowski’s guest accommodation.

Lebowski is a cat with attitude and takes the form of a fictional client. Students will be challenged with a variety of tasks including wiring up a house fit for his needs! WorldSkills NZ GM, Carl Rankin says “Using the image of Lebowski and his house is a great way for students to wrap their minds around a project – and it’s a microcosm of real life.”

“WorldSkills NZ has long promoted excellence in vocational skills through skill competitions, and we are thrilled to introduce this format interschool electrical skill competition for senior school schools and their students.”

The idea of powering up Lebowski’s guest house is a fun way for secondary school students to get a taste of vocational careers in the electrical industry – and helps set the scene that the electrical industry needs technical skills— and it also needs young people who can think about project planning, interpret wants and needs, manage time, pay attention to detail, and health and safety.” 

These events have been made possible thanks to a contract through the Ministry of Education to run events to connect schools, communities, and employers from the electrical contracting industry.