WorldSkills New Zealand and Russia Sign a Memorandum of Understanding

With the aim of enhancing the quality of vocational education in both New Zealand and the Russian Federation, WorldSkills New Zealand and WorldSkills Russia signed a Memorandum of Understanding on 15 October 2017.

In the Memorandum, it was agreed upon that both organisations will strive to:

  • introduce advanced practices of skill development in the education systems in their countries;
  • improve educational standards based on world standards;
  • strengthen scientific and methodological support of education;
  • motivate the youth to pursue sustainable vocational development and achieve professional excellence in accordance with international standards;
  • establish a vocational guidance system;
  • identify talented youth and cultivate conditions to encourage the development of their creative skills;
  • create conditions for teaching staff to apply and develop creative skills; and
  • improve the¬†professionalism of workers and specialists

Malcolm Harris, as CEO, signed the Memorandum on behalf of WorldSkills New Zealand; while Robert Urazov, signed as Director General of WorldSkills Russia.

The signing took place during the 44th WorldSkills International Competition in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.