To try something new and exciting and see how you stack up against other young people in your skill. You could also get the chance to travel overseas representing New Zealand and be noticed by your peers and colleagues. You may want to use the external feedback about your skills and abilities at your next work performance review.

An eight-hour challenge – you will have to complete a project in this timeframe. You will receive support and training prior to competing, and you will compete against a group of other young people at the same time.

You will become recognised as the best in you region in your skill area, which is a great point of difference for your CV. Plus, it will give you clearer idea of your strengths and what you want for your future. All competitors receive a participation certificate.

At the competition, you will be provided with a work area identical to that of your fellow competitors, as well as the same materials, equipment, instructions, and a list of tools to bring. You will be given a competition project to complete over one day.

You may be invited to the WorldSkills New Zealand National Competition, with the potential to be famous in your district through press publicity!

If a category is not being run in your local region, you may be able to compete in a neighbouring region. Contact our national office to check it out.

Past regional and national competitors within the age limit may enter again, but past international winners are automatically excluded.

  1. Applicants must work, live, or study in the region where they apply for entry into competition (unless the category is not being run in their region, then it is permissible to participate in a neighbouring region running that category).
  2. Have approval of their employer to participate for the one day of competition.
  3. Undertake to abide by the rules of competition
  1. Read the regional competition rules
  2. Discuss competing with your employer
  3. Contact your regional coordinator if would like further information
  4. Complete a registration form

Note: Any application found to contain false information will be disqualified. The decision of the judges will be final and there will be no correspondence.

You must have either competed in the prior regional competition or have been selected to participate by your industry, depending on the skill category. For more information, contact the WorldSkills New Zealand national office.

Regional committees will be responsible for nominating their most appropriate competitor for the National Finals. WorldSkills New Zealand has the right to accept or decline written nominations for additional competitors in each category.

After the national competition, you will be advised if you have been successful in making it through to the next stage of the selection process for the international team. This will involve an interview, participation at a training camp, and participation in WorldSkills Oceania, Global Skills Challenge, or a competition in another WorldSkills member-country.

There is no guarantee that winners of the national competition will be selected for the international team.