National Competitions are held every two years. in 2018, the National Competition will be held 10-11 October at Wintec, Hamilton.

Competitors are selected from one of the following:

  1. the regional WorldSkills competitions;
  2. other industry-specific competitions;
  3. directly from the industry; or
  4. from apprentice block courses.


Selected competitors in each of the skills, who meet the entry criteria, are brought together at a single venue to find the country’s highest skilled champions.

The national competitions combine the excitement of the competition with the educational elements of a practical examination. They highlight on-the-job excellence by testing the key skills in each category.

In some skills, this involves working from a blueprint to make a specific object. In others, competitors follow a routine set of tasks that are frequently met in the working environment.

From the national competitions, a team is selected to represent New Zealand at the WorldSkills International competition where they will compete as the NZ Skills Team against other member countries.