Web Design and Development covers many different skills and disciplines in producing and maintaining, re-designing, or upgrading websites. The field is exciting, creative, and transforming the way we source, exchange, and publish news, and present entertainment.

Strong design and communication skills, complemented by research techniques and a grasp of target audiences, markets, and trends will ensure initial client satisfaction and credibility for the web designer.

Starting with information about client needs and the target audience, the designer conceptualizes the site look and feel; works with a variety of tools and platforms to develop databases, navigation and content presentation; and may create programs.  Typically, there is a plan for testing and “de-bugging” the site prior to going live. To excel they must have a strong grasp of copyright law and a well-developed personal code of ethics. Understanding considerations around cyber security is also increasingly relevant.

In the ever-widening world of the web, a designer may choose to specialise in an area such as Graphic Design, Client Management, Front End Development, Back End/Server Side Development, User End Designer, or related Social Media.

Most importantly, the designer who excels will understand and recognise the importance of aesthetics, strong client relationships, and the professional advantage of keeping at the forefront of ever-dynamic web trends and technology.