The restaurant service practitioner provides food and drink service to guests in a very broad variety of settings, and most likely great numbers of us have enjoyed the skill, knowledge, and welcoming attitude of the best in this field.

The food service practitioner is likely to work in a hotel or restaurant where the size, nature and quality of establishments can vary enormously.

Restaurant service also offers the opportunity to gain employment in internationally renowned hotels and hotel chains, to smaller, privately-owned, more intimate restaurants.

High quality food and drink service requires an extensive knowledge of international cuisine, beverages and wines. The restaurant service practitioner must have a complete command of specialist tools and materials, accepted serving rules and must know and understand the preparation of speciality dishes and drinks at the guests’ table or in the bar. The food server is often the key to guests’ appreciation of the meal experience, so positive attitude, resourcefulness, assurance, smart appearance, and practical skill and ability are all essential.

Most important to providing the memorable experience and the likelihood of return business is safeguarding the health and well-being of both guests and colleagues through scrupulous attention to personal hygiene and safe and hygienic working practices.