All of us appreciate and take advantage of the best work of expert hairdressers.
Hairdressing has a practical role in the everyday world of personal appearance and hygiene, and also plays an important therapeutic role in supporting individuals’ self- esteem and confidence. It also may help to relieve the effects of illness, and can aid recovery.

The hairdresser works in diverse environments including large, medium, small, or mobile salons, client homes and in product companies and training institution, film and television productions, theatre, wig work, hair replacement, technicians, session stylists and product research and design. They may either specialize or offer a wide range of services, including cutting, colouring, styling, chemical reformation and special hair treatments for men, women or both.

Communication and client care, the ability to analyze hair types and conditions, and to work safely and to manufacturers’ product instructions are the universal attributes of the outstanding hairdresser.

With the globalization of various styles and trends in personal appearance or “look”, the worldwide demand for experts in hair treatment and hairdressing products is expanding rapidly with WorldSkills affording the most outward-looking and talented entering professionals the chance to succeed.